Azerbaijan evisa online
Azerbaijan evisa online
Azərbaycan Respublikasının elektron viza sistemi
Apply Now Updated on Jul 16, 2024

Azerbaijan Visa For Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the 93 countries that have the advantage of an electronic visa for Azerbaijan.

If you'd wish to understand and properly apply for this e-Visa, then you came to the right place. We invite you to read this blog.


Do I require a visa to enter Azerbaijan? 

The Azerbaijan visa is out there for 93 nations and Saudi Arabia belongs thereto group. Therefore, just just in case you are a Saudi Arabia passport holder, you'll visit this page and acquire your visa.

How long is that this visa valid for SAUDI ARABIA citizens? 

The validity of the visa is 90 days and you will stay 30 days in once you arrive Azerbaijan.


How to check eligibility to urge this visa?

You can use the Visa Checker and you will get the information. In case you qualify, you'll apply with us. Saudi Arabia is one eligible country, but make sure to ascertain this first before traveling.


Required Documents for Saudi Arabia Citizens?

Before starting your application, it's vital to urge some requirements so on proceed with the online application process. Read the list:

Passport: It'll have a validity of three months after your e-visa finishes.

E-mail address: Insert an active email to avoid any problem. Bear in mind that every one details that we've about your visa we'll advise you by email.

Payment alternatives – You will pay with a credit/debit card, or even a Paypal account


Don't forget that just in case you stay in Azerbaijan for quite 10 days, you've to inscribe your journey with the State Migration Service. The hotel or your host can assist you thereupon.


What are the processing times and costs for this e-visa?

As you'll know, the good thing about the virtual procedures is that you simply need just a few minutes to send them then, you receive your document quite fast. We provide to urge the Azerbaijan eVisa quickly. Now, check the processing lapses and fees:


Standard – this is often one of the foremost cost-effective processes we've. Your e-Visa is getting to be ready in 3 Business Days for an entire cost of USD 69.

Super Rush – this is often the fastest option we offer and your visa is getting to be in your inbox in just 6 hours. the amount to pay is USD 120.00.


Consider that if you'd wish to get the visa as soon as possible you will need to pay a far better price.


How much time do I would like to apply?


The amount of some time you'll spend on your form will depend on how skilled you're with these online methods. Nevertheless, multiple users have needed just between 15 and 20 minutes to end the entire process.


How am I ready to apply?

First, get the requirements then complete the appliance form. it's understandable. Remember that we have an outstanding customer service just in case you'd wish to ask something.

Follow the instructions below:


Had to fill out the form alongside your info and procedure time.

When you are during this an assistant of the form, you'd wish to verify your information and also pop out.

To finish your formulary, upload your documents and answer a questionnaire. On the other hand, just in case you travel with a toddler, it's crucial that you simply submit an authorization from the other parent.


When you're through with all the steps mentioned above, you hit the submit button and await the approval of your visa.


How many times am I ready to enter AZERBAIJAN with an e-visa?

It permits you one Entry.


Would i like a transit visa if I’m just passing through?

In the case that you simply stay within the international zone, you're doing not need to require an Azerbaijan e-Visa. In other words, you can't leave the airport and it's recommended to attend for your next plane within the International Transit Area with all of your documents at hand (passport and plane ticket).


What should I do if I have two passports?

In that situation, utilize only one passport for your journey.


How do I know if my AZERBAIJAN ELECTRONIC VISA is ready?

Once you finish proceeding with the Azerbaijan form, we'll inform you as soon as possible about your visa by email.


What if I make a mistake in my application form?

when you have completed your form then realize that you simply need to update something; therein situation, if your request has not been processed, you'll make any adjustments and simply contact our customer support. Conversely, if your request is made, we cannot do anything.